Video Wall Gallery with Wave Effect

Video Wall Gallery with Wave Effect

Video Wall Gallery with Wave Effect

This is a simple yet powerful video gallery that will enhance your website.


– XML driven content
– FLASHVARS support ( for the location of the XML file )
– resizable
– unlimited number of videos
support for youtube and 
– smart thumb loading
– change the colors
– text HTML formatting  
– text supports hyperlinks
– nice wave effect
– efficient image resizing ( with correct aspect ratio ) if nedded
– OOP code


[1] DOCUMENTATION    here you’ll find the necessary info on how to change the file
[2] Source Code           here you’ll find the files to edit the template yourself
[3] Deploy                   here you’ll find all the files you need to have on your server

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Lite Video Ads With Posters

Lite Video Ads With Posters

Lite Video Ads With Posters

This file can be used to advertise a movie, a game, a show or a product you want to sell.


– resizable
– support for youtube and normal videos
– optional transition effects ( 10 to choose from ) when video ends.
– change colors
-video width and height
-video x and y position
– position of the replay and sound buttons.
– external link

– OOP code
– documentation

If you need multiple ads to be displayed randomnly each time a user enters your website that’s fine, just add as many ads as you want in the playlist and they will be randomly picked.

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Lite Facebook Fan Page YouTube Video Player

Lite Facebook Fan Page YouTube Video Player

Lite Facebook Fan Page YouTube Video Player

settings you can change 

– XML content ( easy to edit and maintain )
– FLASHVARS support
– unlimited number of youtube videos
– optional banner rotator ( with internal or external links )
– HTML formatted description with hyperlinks support
– change the color of any graphic element or text
– choose what type of animation the thumb rolls should have
– youtube video quality
– OOP code
– documentation

some details about the banner rotator

You can disable it from the XML settings.

If you decide you need a static banner with your logo that’s fine , you’ll have the option to do so.

However if you are going to use this feature as a banner rotator you can use both images and animated SWFs.

The banner can have links to external pages or to internal videos You can also choose to disable the controls of the banner or make them autohide.

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Facebook XML Black Youtube Player

Facebook XML Black Youtube Player

Facebook XML Black Youtube Player

More than 500 million Facebook users are waiting to get impressed by your page as Facebook Fan Pages have become a standard in Social Media.

– XML driven content
– FLASHVARS support ( for the location of the XML file )
– unlimited number of videos
– chanage the colors 
– text HTML formatting  
– smart scrollbar ( visible only if the content is bigger than the section’s visible limit )
– Text supports hyperlinks
– set the default youtube video quality
– OOP code
– How to set up your Facebook FanPage

Customizable Lite Video Player

Customizable Lite Video Player

Customizable Lite Video Player

This SMALL yet HIGHLY configurable video player is the best choice for your website.
Almost all is configurable through a XML file.

The video player is resizable to your specified size.

Supported video formats:
– FLV , MP4 , M4A, MOV , MP4V, 3GP, 3G2 if they contain H.264 video and/or HE-AAC encoded audio
– YOUTUBE videos
– RTMP video streaming

For only ~15Kb you got these features:

– XML driven settings: easy to customize
– FLASHVARS support ( for XML location & details )
– subtitles/captions( optional)
– HTML formatting for description and subtitles
– Resizable with correct aspect ratio
– auto start ( optional )
– Full screen mode
– Autohide for controls ( optional )
– start image
– Commented OOP code
– verry small file !


– change the colors of the graphical elements
– change the color of each text label
– auto hide controls option & delay
– show/hide cover effect
– hide show track tooltip
– subtitles default settings