Lite Facebook Fan Page Vimeo Video Player

Lite Facebook Fan Page Vimeo Video Player

Lite Facebook Fan Page Vimeo Video Player

Easy to setup and configure this video player with XML playlist is probabbly the best choice for your media on a facebook fan page.

settings you can change

– XML content ( easy to edit and maintain )
– FLASHVARS support ( for the location of the XML if needed )
– unlimited number of vimeo videos
– optional banner rotator ( with internal links to videos or external links to web pages )
!! the title and description can be retrieved automatically from vimeo website or you can create your own custom details
– HTML formatted description with hyperlinks support
 change the colors of any graphic element or text
– choose what type of animation the thumb rolls should have
– OOP code
– documentation

some details about the banner rotator

You can disable it from the XML settings.
If you decide you need a static banner with your logo that’s fine , you’ll have the option to do so.
However if you are going to use this feature as a banner rotator you can use both images and animated SWFs.
The banner can have links to external pages or to internal videos You can also choose to disable the controls of the banner or make them autohide.

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