The Little Fairy And The Magic Potions

The Little Fairy And The Magic Potions

The Little Fairy And The Magic Potions

Welcome to Little Fairy – And The Magic Potions !

This is a children action / puzzle game in which your mission is to collect magic stars in order to create magic potions based on a random generated formula

If you get the wrong mix the formula is recrated and you loose morale points.

If you get the right formula you gain morale points ( up to 3 )

The game ends after you loose all the morale points.

Have fun !

P.S. You can load the application in another swf as well.

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All Media XML Portfolio

All Media XML Portfolio

All Media XML Portfolio

This is an all purpose portfolio that will cover all your media needs in an elegant and professional way.


– XML driven content
– FLASHVARS support ( for the location of the XML file )
– resizable
– unlimited number of projects
– suppport for: videoyoutubeanimated swfimagesmp3
– change the colors 
– text HTML formatting  
– text supports hyperlinks
– smart scrollbar
– the panel can be set left or right
– OOP code


[1] DOCUMENTATION    here you’ll find the necessary info on how to change the file
[2] Source Code    here you’ll find the files to edit the template yourself ( you need some programming skills )
[4] Deploy    here you’ll find all the files you need to have on your server

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