Listen the sound of our Solar Sistem through Flash – Solar Beat

I found this little application and I like it ! The idea is very simple but very nice. I need to mention that one of my passions is for astronomy.

So this is some sort of a musical solar system based on real orbital frequencies of the planets.

So check solar beat ! ūüôā

All Media XML Portfolio

All Media XML Portfolio

All Media XML Portfolio

This is an all purpose portfolio that will cover all your media needs in an elegant and professional way.


–¬†FLASHVARS¬†support ( for the location of the XML file )
–¬†unlimited¬†number of¬†projects
Рsuppport for: video, youtube, animated swf, images, mp3
Рtext HTML formatting  
Рtext supports hyperlinks
– smart scrollbar
– the panel can be set left or right
– OOP code


[1] DOCUMENTATION¬† ¬† here you’ll find the necessary info on how to change the file
[2] Source Code¬† ¬† here you’ll find the files to edit the template yourself ( you need some programming skills )
[4] Deploy¬† ¬† here you’ll find all the files you need to have on your server

[ LINK ]

Music Club Facebook Template

Music Club Facebook Template

Music Club Facebook Template

Music Club Facebook Template

Facebook can be one of the BEST forms of free advertising !

More than 500 million Facebook users are waiting to be impressed by your page as Facebook Fan Pages have become a standard in Social Media and advertising.

Key Features:

–¬†XML driven content ( change content without modifying the source )
–¬†Flashvars support ( for the location of the XML file )
– Size : 520 x 680
РText HTML formatting
РText supports hyperlinks
РImages slideshow
MP3 player with nice effects
РPosters supports external links
– Optinal slideshows for POSTERS, NEWS and DJs
–¬†HELP file
–¬†Ready to deploy files

Also you can change the colors of all graphical elements from the XML