jQuery doesn’t work in Internet Explorer ?

Well, I am playing a little with the jQuery library and all my test were done in Chrome and Mozzila Firefox. My surprise came when I’ve tested my application in IE 8 where was nothing being displayed.

Apparently IE executes $(document).ready() in a different way than Firefox and Chrome so moving your javascript  at the bottom of the page will solve this problem.


Adobe releases AIR 3.3 and Flash Player 11.3

For more info about this subject please follow this link.

Adobe Launches AIR 3.2 and Flash Player 11.2

Flash Player 11.2 adds features for gaming, including mouse lock, relative coordinates, and right and middle -click support.

AIR 3.2 introduces Stage3D graphics technology for iOS and Android, enabling efficient, faster native GPU rendering performance

For more information about the release check this link

Keyboard Issues – Left Arrow + Up Arrow + SPACE

In the few games that I tried to create ( yes, many left in development because of time and mood ) I rarely used key combinations. The ones I am talking about right now refers to arrows and space keys. Some combination of three of these give a lot of troubles and to a lot of people seems they are not working.

I found out that it’s not a Flash issue but more a hardware issue on some keyboards and the solution to that is not using arrow keys as your controls.  WASD seems to be the best choice.

Learn Adobe Flash – Actionscript Lessons Website

Here’s a neat website with some nice tutorials on Flash Actionscript. It ranges from beginer to more advance techniques.



[ AS3] Masking Dynamic Content TextField and cacheAsBitmap

Ok, this is a quick post.

In a little project I am working right now I had to do some effects involving some textfield masking.  The problem I had is that the text was never masked and it always was visible on the display list. To solve this problem I had to use the cacheAsBitmap propriety of display objects. Once I set that to true everything went smooth.

Flash Player 11.2 Released !

Yeah, this was a silent release ( well, it’s a release candidate anyway ) but with some nice features among which mouse lock, relative mouse coordinates, right and middle click events , are my favorite.

Check out this link for more details on this release.