Spaceship Arena, a little space shooter game

spaceship arena

Welcome to Spaceship Arena

This is a space shooter game in which your mission is to survive as long as you can from the incoming waves of enemies.

There are three levels of difficulty coresponding with three score tables.

Source code can be edited in Flash CS4 and up or Flash Develop.


Lines 3D (Christmas Edition)


Lines 3D is a fun puzzle game in a 3D environment !

The player moves balls around a grid to form horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of at least five balls of the same colour. Once a line is formed player gets points

The game was made usin Away3D and also features local TOP SCORE

Files for both Flashdevelop and Flash CS5 .5

[ link ]

Dungeoneer – a cute little puzzle game



Welcome to Dungeoneer!

This is a puzzle game I made in which you must find your path to the exit to go to the next level.

You need to visit each dungeon tile, but only once! Each time you make a mistate you will loose a heart. You also need to watch that the time dosen’t run out. And yeah, dont fall over the edge!

The control is done by mouse.

The sample is just a demo. You get 12 levels in the full game.


[ Flash Game ] Xtreme Space Defender

Xtreme Space Defender

Xtreme Space Defender

This is space shooter game in which your mission is to protect a planet from incoming waves of enemies (ufos, asteroids, comets).

There are 5 levels of insane shooting and at the end you have to fight the big boss.

Use upgrades to make your ship better.

You can take a look here.

The Little Fairy And The Magic Potions

The Little Fairy And The Magic Potions

The Little Fairy And The Magic Potions

Welcome to Little Fairy – And The Magic Potions !

This is a children action / puzzle game in which your mission is to collect magic stars in order to create magic potions based on a random generated formula

If you get the wrong mix the formula is recrated and you loose morale points.

If you get the right formula you gain morale points ( up to 3 )

The game ends after you loose all the morale points.

Have fun !

P.S. You can load the application in another swf as well.

[ LINK ]

Virus Defence

Virus Defence

Virus Defence


NOTE : Click on the image to see the game in action

Welcome to Virus Defence !

This is a straightforward action shooter in which your mission is to defend healthy cells against hordes of viruses by maneuvering a nano-ship.

This is like a survivor type of game, the longer you last the better the score.

The game ends when you loose all your shield points ( 5 )

Graphics are vector based.

[ LINK ]