Flash – Introducing Mouse lock, right and middle click events

Finally, after all these years Flash has done something about the mouse, that we all needed so much.

To enable the new mouse locking propriety set Stage.mouseLock to true. There are several rules which are applied here:

– this property can only be set in full screen mode ( I guess because some security reasons ).
– it dispatches a runtime exception if it is called in non-full screen mode.
– the property can be read in non-full screen mode.
– when exiting full screen mode Stage.mouseLock is automatically set to false.

Situations where mouse locking is disabled automatically and the mouse cursor is made visible again:

– when the user hits ESC.
– when the window loses focus, for instance when the user hit CTRL-TAB.
– when any settings UI is visible (that includes all privacy dialogs). When a native dialog is shown, for instance a file upload dialog.

Right and middle click events:

Just like with Adobe AIR, right and middle click events can now be used to inside Flash Player.

Another great thing is that you can disable the context menu entirely.

Download Flash Player 11.2 beta 2

Listen the sound of our Solar Sistem through Flash – Solar Beat

I found this little application and I like it ! The idea is very simple but very nice. I need to mention that one of my passions is for astronomy.

So this is some sort of a musical solar system based on real orbital frequencies of the planets.

So check solar beat ! 🙂

Muscle Jump – Flash 11 ( Stage 3D / Molehill ) gfx showcase

Ok, so after the Adobe Flash announced the big failure with mobile platform they concentrated they efforts on showing that Flash isnt quite dead ( as many have cried out ).

Their latest “spam” is this quite nice graphics demo to show some of the capabilities of Flash 11 ( Stage3D/Molehill )

So this is the official teaser-trailer for the upcoming Muscle Jump, a short, immersive Flash 11 experience/game with bluffing graphics, posing as a direct Web equivalent of home videogames.

Enjoy !

Also here is a link with other Stage 3D games in case you are curious.