Photographer’s Chocolate Template

Photographer's Chocolate Template

Photographer's Chocolate Template

This is a simple yet styled template that will enrich the experience of your visitors with your fine art.

– XML driven content
– FLASHVARS support ( for the location of the XML file )
– unlimited number of images
– change the colors
– change the background images of each section
– change the background music
– text HTML formatting
– smart scrollbar ( visible only if the content is bigger than the section’s visible limit )
– Text supports hyperlinks
– OOP code

What you buy ( commercial package )

DOCUMENTATION    here you’ll find the necessary info on how to change the file
SOURCE CODE        here you’ll find the files to edit the template yourself ( you need some programming skills )
Deploy                  here you’ll find all the files you need to have on your server

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Facebook PayPal Shop Cart Template

Facebook PayPal Shop Cart Template

Facebook PayPal Shop Cart Template

This shopping cart template is for FACEBOOK. It has a clean and minimal style, which can be easily customizated  from the external  xml file.

Key Features

– XML content easy to modify
– unlimited number of items
– search through items
– changable colors
– OOP code
– documentation

Banner Rotator:

The banner rotator can support both images an animated swfs.
You can change the delay between slides.
The controls of the slides can be disabled or set as auto hide.
The banner can also redirect to externl links or internal items.

Search Box

Can search items with names longer than 3 letters.
Display or clear the results

Items List

Supports three view mods: big, medium small.
In the medium mode the large text is auto – truncated
The display also supports pagination
Auto scrollbar for big description text in detailed view
The description text also supports HTML formatting

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Lite Facebook Fan Page YouTube Video Player

Lite Facebook Fan Page YouTube Video Player

Lite Facebook Fan Page YouTube Video Player

settings you can change 

– XML content ( easy to edit and maintain )
– FLASHVARS support
– unlimited number of youtube videos
– optional banner rotator ( with internal or external links )
– HTML formatted description with hyperlinks support
– change the color of any graphic element or text
– choose what type of animation the thumb rolls should have
– youtube video quality
– OOP code
– documentation

some details about the banner rotator

You can disable it from the XML settings.

If you decide you need a static banner with your logo that’s fine , you’ll have the option to do so.

However if you are going to use this feature as a banner rotator you can use both images and animated SWFs.

The banner can have links to external pages or to internal videos You can also choose to disable the controls of the banner or make them autohide.

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