Photographer’s Facebook Fan Page

Photographer's Facebook Fan Page

Photographer's Facebook Fan Page

Facebook can be a photographer’s BEST forms of free advertising !

More than 500 million Facebook users are waiting to be impressed by your page as Facebook Fan Pages have become a standard in Social Media.

Key Features:

– XML driven content ( change content without modifying the source )

– Flashvars support ( for the location of the XML file )

– resizable

– Text HTML formatting

– Smart scrollbar ( visible only if the content is bigger than the section’s visible limit )


– news

– about

– portfolio / gallery

– contact

– homepage

[ News ]

– change text colors

– change date color

– HTML formatting text if necessary

– hyperlinks

[ About ]

– change text colors

– HTML formatting text if necessary

– hyperlinks

– change the avatar

[ About ]

– add as many images you want

– set how many thumbs ( circles ) per line

– smooth scrolling

[ Contact ]

– add contact information and how people can reach you

– support for HTML formatting

– external links

– send mail php file

– form validation

Also you can change the colors of all graphical elements

[ link ]

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