Customizable Lite Video Player

Customizable Lite Video Player

Customizable Lite Video Player

This SMALL yet HIGHLY configurable video player is the best choice for your website.
Almost all is configurable through a XML file.

The video player is resizable to your specified size.

Supported video formats:
– FLV , MP4 , M4A, MOV , MP4V, 3GP, 3G2 if they contain H.264 video and/or HE-AAC encoded audio
– YOUTUBE videos
– RTMP video streaming

For only ~15Kb you got these features:

– XML driven settings: easy to customize
– FLASHVARS support ( for XML location & details )
– subtitles/captions( optional)
– HTML formatting for description and subtitles
– Resizable with correct aspect ratio
– auto start ( optional )
– Full screen mode
– Autohide for controls ( optional )
– start image
– Commented OOP code
– verry small file !


– change the colors of the graphical elements
– change the color of each text label
– auto hide controls option & delay
– show/hide cover effect
– hide show track tooltip
– subtitles default settings


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