Resizable YouTube/ FLV Video Player

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basic video player

This video player is the ideal choice if you want to display YouTube videos on your website. This component can be embedded in a HTML file. It can play FLVs, Youtube videos and MP4, M4A, MOV, MP4V, 3GP, 3G2 if they contain H.264 video and/or HE-AAC encoded audio (you need to update your Flash Player to version

The video player is resizable to your specified size and you can customize right about everything from the XML file. The source code is very organized, well commented and easy to understand even for Flash beginners.

Key features:

– supports all video formats that Flash Player can play and Youtube videos
– it’s resizable
– can be modified and customized by simply editing the XML file
– you can choose to auto hide the controls bar(after a number of seconds of inactivity) or make it permanent visible
– full screen video mode supported ( via button or double click on video )
– full description of the videos( supports external clickable links and html formatting)
– tooltips for buttons ( can be deactivated )
– trackbar tooltip with time position ( can be deactivated )
– keyboard shortcuts ( spacebar for pause / play video, + / – for sound volume )
– single click on video plays or pauses the video
– trackbar with seekable position
– useful and cool play button in the middle of the video
– video quality button
– volume control button
– commented code
– cool design.

Basic tutorials

In the past month I’ve written some basic flash tutorials for

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Alpha and AS3 dynamic text fields

Working on a project I discovered that the alpha applied on a dynamic text field is not working at all.  Searching for a solution on the web I found out that changing the blendMode of the text field  to something other than NORMAL, alpha will work.

var _textField:TextField = new TextField();
_textField.blendMode = BlendMode.LAYER;
_textField.text = "ugh !";
_textField.alpha = .5;